Lutheran Gardenville

In 1842, produce farmers Johann Hermann Koppelmann and his wife, Anna Messmann Koppelmann joined other German Lutherans from the Gardenville area  of Baltimore to become founding members of Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church.

This year marks the 169th anniversary of the small brick church at the corner of Belair Road and  Moravia Avenue.

Since Gardenville underwent rapid surburbanization in the 1920s, the church has endured. Today the congregation, led by Pastor Arwyn Gohl, is working hard to find ways to remain relevant to the local community that will enable the church to continue to thrive.

Some of the church’s recent  initiatives include:

  • The Open Food Pantry
  • Partnership with Head Start
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Facebook page

Why should we, so many years and miles away, care today about JELC?

Our Gardenville ancestors built this church, worshipped there, were confirmed, met and courted spouses at church picnics, married there, and were buried in its cemetery.

For those of us who trace our roots back to Lutheran Gardenville, this old church, once surrounded by farms, is our spiritual and historical home.

If you would like to visit, get involved, receive JELC’s newsletter, or make a donation to the church, contact Pastor Arwyn Gohl , via email, or via snail mail:

Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church, 4605 Belair Rd., Baltimore, MD 21206


3 Responses to Lutheran Gardenville

  1. Helen Iglehart - Kelley says:

    Good Morning, I found your Koppelmania website through a google search of Ferdinand Franz. I am currently going through papers of my deceased parents and found a title to the Holy Redeemer cemetery, and thus far, I cannot make the connection to the Tarr, Schmidt, or Iglehart families. Are any of these family names familiar to anyone in the Franz family? Thank you for your time and consideration. Helen Iglehart.

  2. Dorothy "Dot" (Berg) Sanchez says:

    I am interested in knowing when some members of my family became members at JELC. Ggrandparents – Henry J. Berg and wife. Margaret (Rummel) Berg, aunt Alva (Rummel) Perry, aunt Evelyn (Berg) Glock. Perhaps my father was baptised and/or confirmed at JELC…Henry John Berg Jr. (b. 1932) Membership may have been transferred from churches in East Baltimore. Thank you very much! Dorothy “Dot” (Berg) Sanchez

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