About Koppelmania

With the generous help of family and friends, for about ten years I have been researching the history of the Koppelmans who emigrated from Lower Saxony (aka the Kingdom of Hannover), to Baltimore County in the mid-1830s.

Our Koppelmans were Lutherans from a cluster of tiny farming villages in the vicinity of Osnabruck: Badbergen, Gehrde, and Wehdel.  They and other families from what came to be known as Gardenville, on the Belair Road, and Georgetown, on Harford Road,  foundeded a church on Belair Road in 1842: Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church.

They were mostly truck farmers–what were once called “market gardeners”–who supplied produced to the city of Baltimore.

Visit my Koppelman Family History site to learn more about the Koppelmans and allied families.