Bengratz Raab is Broken

Mingled excitement and dismay. Charlie Herr, an intrepid and generous volunteer in Baltimore got in touch to let me know he had found and posted photographs of many Raab graves in the cemetery of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, in Fullerton.

Among those he found and photographed are the graves of the immigrant Raab ancestors: Barbara (Lehuetz) Raab (1832-1913) and Bengratz (aka Pankreuz or Pankratz) Raab.

Then I saw the pictures. Bengratz Raab’s marker has disintegrated into at least three pieces, and is riddled with cracks.

Bengratz Raab’s grave is in the center; Barbara’s is on the left.

To see about repairing his marker, I contacted the church’s cemetery director. I wanted to make sure that Raymond Merkle Memorials would be an acceptable choice to make the repairs.  She agreed, and I await an estimate.

Close-up of Bengratz Raab’s Broken Grave, St. Joseph’s RCC, Fullerton, Md.

Bengratz, Barbara, and son Bengratz, are listed on an 1860 passenger manifest for the ship Columbia, bound from Bremen to Baltimore, as Pankranz, laborer, Barbara and son Pankranz Raabe.  Son Pankranz eventually anglicized his given name to to Bengratz and then to Benjamin.

The Raabs were fruitful and multiplied into a large clan, many of whom remain in Maryland and nearby states.

The Koppelmans are doubly related to the Raabs: First, through the marriage of Anna Mina Koppelman (1888-1980), daughter of Gardenville truck farmer John Harman Koppelman and Anna Schaub, to George P. Raab (1891-1953), son of Peter Raab and Emilie Brockmeyer; and second, through the marriage of Charles Dietrich Koppelman (1897-1983), son of John Harman’s brother Henry Koppelman, to Goldie Raab (1897-1976), daughter of Peter Raab’s brother John Andrew Raab and Alberta Barbara Harpel. Simple, right?

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